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Terms & Conditions

Moneyback Guarantee / Cancelation & Refund Policy

  1. After the program is completed, if the participant has given full "commitment to the program" - (as measured by the participant's involvement in every activity and component of the program), but has still not seen any benefits or changes in their health, 100% of the fees paid will be refunded.

  2. Fees will not be refunded if the participant withdraws from participation BEFORE or DURING the program."

  3. The discounted fee of RM399 from RM448 is only applicable to participant who complete their 3 months program. For participants who paid for 'Complete Plan - 3 Months' using monthly installment via Visa/Mastercard  but wish to cancel during the second or third month, a cancellation fee of RM50 will be charged.

Terms & Conditions

  1. After the participant's payment of fees has been made, registration is complete and the participant will be contacted ONE DAY BEFORE the program begins.

  2. The start date and duration of the program will vary according to the type of program and package listed on the website from time to time.

  3. For the "COMPLETE Course - 3 Months" package, fees will be automatically deducted from participant's VISA/MASTERCARD in the same amount on the same date for 3 months.

  4. Any information about the program will be sent via WhatsApp/email/message to the participant.

  5. Participants in this program will be divided into several groups so that JSH Nutrition Consultancy can manage the program more effectively and efficiently for all participants.

  6. Each group will be managed by a certified Nutritionist or Dietitian, while being monitored directly and regularly by Pn. Syaza Nutritionist.

  7. This program is conducted online through WhatsApp, Zoom Call, and Personal Video Call applications.

  8. Participants are PROHIBITED from disseminating any information about the program, including module content, ebooks, and program progress, without the permission of JSH Nutrition Consultancy.

  9. Any activity carried out in this program will be taken as a testimonial for JomSayHeart Nutrition Consultancy.


This program is specially designed for women to receive guidance and knowledge to achieve their goals through proper nutrition and lifestyle. The success of participants in achieving good results is due to the factors of intention, motivation, and commitment between the participant and the organizer. Results may differ for each participant depending on the participant's commitment to the program.

Privacy Policy

We prioritize efforts to maintain the privacy of participant information, but JSH Nutrition Consultancy does not provide any guarantees in this regard. Any information during the course of this program is prohibited from being disseminated without the permission of JSH Nutrition Consultancy.

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